Less-N-Pain, Numbing Cream in Miami, FL
Less-N-Pain, a 4% lidocaine based topical numbing cream, was developed as a superior, cost effective alternative to other topical analgesic. Packaged in single use 3ml packets, Less-N-Pain is easy to manage for patients and healthcare providers alike. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of packets of Less-N-Pain have been used, attesting to its effectiveness. See what patients, healthcare professionals and facilities have to say about this amazing numbing cream!

Benefits of Less-N-Pain:

   •  No Messy Tubes
   •  Single-Use Packets
   •  Topical Analgesic
   •  Effective within 20 to 40 Minutes
   •  Temporary Pain Relief

Uses of Less-N-Pain:

Less-N-Pain can be used to reduce the pain caused by needle sticks and other minor skin procedures including: Shots, Botox, Fillers, Lazer Treatments and Tatoo placement and removal to name a few . Each box of Less-N-Pain contains 13, 3 ml packets (39 ml - 4% Lidocaine). 

See What Less-N-Pain Users Are Saying!

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Less-N-Pain is made in the USA